•  29
    Rawls, Libertarianism, and the Employment Problem
    Social Philosophy Today 34 133-152. 2018.
    Barbara Fried described John Rawls’s response to libertarianism as “the unwritten theory of justice.” This paper argues that while there is no need for a new theory of justice to address the libertarian challenge, there is a need for an additional chapter. Taking up Fried’s suggestion that the Rawlsian response would benefit from a revised list of primary goods, I propose to add employment to the list, thus leading to adoption of a full employment principle in the original position that ensures …Read more
  •  24
    Individual Autonomy and the Double-Blind Controlled Experiment: The Case of Desperate Volunteers
    with B. P. Minogue, G. Palmer-Fernandez, and B. N. Waller
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 20 (1): 43-55. 1995.
    This essay explores some concerns about the quality of informed consent in patients whose autonomy is diminished by fatal illness. It argues that patients with diminished autonomy cannot give free and voluntary consent, and that recruitment of such patients as subjects in human experimentation exploits their vulnerability in a morally objectionable way. Two options are given to overcome this objection: (i) recruit only those patients who desire to contribute to medical knowledge, rather than gai…Read more