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    The objective of this article is to describe and understand the language of paramilitary groups in the Northern Irish context, taking statements issued by the Irish Republican Army as an example. In order to do so, we depart from a broad understanding of political discourse. So as to understand how beliefs, actions and the IRA existence are legitimised in those statements, Text-World Theory is combined with critical discourse analysis approaches. Chilton's notion of ‘discourse worlds’ is conside…Read more
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    This article intends to build bridges between two recent trends within Critical Discourse Studies as exemplified by cognitive linguistics and multimodality. Thus, the postulates of spatial cognition will be followed to do an analysis of the musical re-contextualization of Barack Obama's New Hampshire 2008 speech. In Will.i.am's music video ‘Yes, we can’, uploaded on YouTube under the username WeCan08, we can listen to a song whose lyrics are made of different extracts from Obama's speech. This t…Read more
  • Introduction for the special issue on space, time and evaluation in ideological discourse
    with Christopher Hart and Bertie Kaal
    Critical Discourse Studies 12 (3): 235-237. 2015.