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    Corporate governance with a difference: Fiduciary duty for a wisdom economy
    International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 1 (s 2-3): 147-161. 2004.
    Fiduciary duty is not restricted merely to the property of shareholders but includes ethical obligations to a wider constituency stakeholders in terms of power. Several approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR) are considered in terms of their respective orientations to the external world. Robert Greenleaf's notion of "service to others" or "servant-leadership" is considered as a case of the fifth level approach to CSR. An historical perspective offers a precedent for reclaiming corpor…Read more
  • Margenau, Henry & Roy A. Varghese, eds. Cosmos, Bios, Theos (review)
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 6 (1-2): 194-196. 1994.