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    Proclus on space as light
    Ancient Philosophy 9 (1): 87-94. 1989.
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    Review of Metaphysics 43 (2): 400-401. 1989.
    Alan Donagan has written frequently on Spinoza's metaphysics over the years but in this recent work he offers the reader "a study of Spinoza's mature philosophy as a whole." His principal intention is "to help philosophers who aspire to work out an adequate naturalism to learn from one of their greatest naturalist predecessors". For Donagan maintains that "Spinoza's seventeenth-century form of naturalism," which is not materialist, "does not fall short philosophically as today's varieties of [ma…Read more
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    Proclus on Corporeal Space
    Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 76 (2): 151-167. 1994.
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    John Philoponus on the Immortal Soul
    Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 64 (n/a): 151-160. 1990.
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    On Intuition and Discursive Reasoning in Aristotle
    Review of Metaphysics 42 (4): 842-843. 1989.
    In this monograph, Victor Kal sets out to challenge the role that induction is traditionally said to play in Aristotle's thought. The author wishes to distinguish sharply between intuition and discursive reasoning and to place induction squarely in the later category. This leaves open the question of the origin of our knowledge of first principles, and here Kal proposes that intuition and experience find their function.
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    Pythagoras Revived
    Review of Metaphysics 43 (4): 877-878. 1990.
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    Middle Platonism and Neoplatonism: The Latin Tradition
    Review of Metaphysics 41 (4): 830-831. 1988.
    In his study of this neglected tradition, Stephen Gersh presents a thorough analysis of early medieval Platonism. His central interest is the transmission of Greek philosophy to the West. He argues against any significant direct transmission of Platonic texts; for instance, the translations by Aristippus are late and uninfluential, and even the partial translation of the Timaeus by Calcidius is so overwhelmed by the accompanying commentary that one cannot truly speak of an unmediated, "direct" t…Read more
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    Die geschichtlichen Wurzeln des Piatonismus
    Review of Metaphysics 43 (2): 401-402. 1989.
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    Place, Void, and Eternity. Ancient Commentators on Aristotle
    Review of Metaphysics 46 (3): 609-611. 1993.
    This volume in the continuing series of translations of the ancient commentators on Aristotle contains three treatises related to Aristotle's Physics: the "Corollary on Place" and the "Corollary on Void" from John Philoponus's commentary on the Physics, and a section from Simplicius's commentary on the Physics which critiques another work by Philoponus on the eternity of the world. Each of these involves the sixth-century controversies surrounding the Christian commentator, John Philoponus, who …Read more
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    The Handbook of Platonism
    Review of Metaphysics 49 (1): 117-118. 1995.
    Scholars of later Greek philosophy will surely be indebted to John Dillon for providing this translation of and commentary on the Didaskalikos. Late Greek thought has often been slighted by scholars, and middle Platonism may be the most neglected part of that neglected period. While none would champion the Didaskalikos as a treatise that itself profoundly influenced the course of Western thought, it is a synopsis of a philosophy that can claim to have had such an influence. As an elementary hand…Read more
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    The Hellenistic Philosophers. 2 vols
    Review of Metaphysics 42 (1): 150-152. 1988.
    It is a pleasure to welcome this long awaited set of translations, texts and commentaries. A renewed interest in Hellenistic philosophy has fostered a wealth of important scholarship, but the lack of an adequate sourcebook has seriously hampered scholars' ability to present this material to students and to make these thinkers more widely known in the philosophical community. The research of both Long and Sedley is much respected, and it is fortunate that such thorough scholars were chosen to mak…Read more
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    Aristotle Transformed: The Ancient Commentators and Their Influence
    Review of Metaphysics 44 (1): 170-171. 1990.
    In this substantial collection Sorabji gathers twenty important studies on all aspects of the ancient Aristotelian commentary tradition, both Greek and Latin. The contributions are a mix of new studies and revisions and translations of classic studies. The collection has been judiciously arranged. Chapters cover all aspects and figures involved in this tradition, from the earliest commentators through Boethius and the beginnings of the Latin tradition. Both philosophical and historical issues ar…Read more
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    L'A. étudie le concept de kosmos défini non pas comme entité cosmologique, mais comme entité structurée, dans le traité «Du Kosmos» et le traité «De la nature» de Philolaos de Croton. L'A. propose sa propre interprétation de la classification ontologique de Philolaos en trois classes d'objets: il s'agit en fait d'une ontologie bipartite composée d'une part des objets limitants et illimités, et d'autre part du kosmos constitué de ces deux principes.
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    Sappho Frag. 44 and the 'Iliad'
    Hermes 122 (2): 144-150. 1994.
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    Aristotle's Categories and Porphyry
    Review of Metaphysics 43 (1): 155-157. 1989.
    This new study, an updated version of the author's doctoral dissertation, is a detailed investigation of Porphyry's one extant commentary on Aristotle's Categories and Plotinus' critique of Aristotle's doctrine of categories in "On the Kinds of Being". Evangeliou's investigation is limited by the fact that Porphyry's work was written for the student in an elementary "question and answer" format, yet Evangeliou is still able to decipher his general approach to Aristotle, which is respectful and c…Read more
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    Aufsteig und Niedergang der Römischen Welt
    Review of Metaphysics 44 (3): 634-636. 1991.
    This is the first of four projected volumes in this series that will concern themselves with philosophy. Perhaps before discussing the contents proper it would be best to say something about Aufsteig und Niedergang der Römischen Welt as a whole, since a philosophical audience may not yet have encountered it and its background is relevant to comments below. ANRW began some twenty years ago as a project to publish a collection of articles which would delineate the state of contemporary scholarship…Read more
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    Proclus on Space as Light
    Ancient Philosophy 9 (1): 87-94. 1989.
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    Faculties of Judgment in the Didaskalikos
    Mnemosyne 44 (3-4): 347-363. 1991.