•  18
    Active Fault-Tolerant Control for Wind Turbine with Simultaneous Actuator and Sensor Faults
    with Ming Cai, Hu Zhang, Fuad Alsaadi, and Liu Chen
    Complexity 1-11. 2017.
  •  39
    Learning to Dislike Chocolate: Conditioning Negative Attitudes toward Chocolate and Its Effect on Chocolate Consumption
    with Yan Wang, Guosen Wang, Dingyuan Zhang, Xianghua Cui, Jinglei Zhu, and Yuan Fang
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.
  •  7
    A Network Diffusion Model of Food Safety Scare Behavior considering Information Transparency
    with Tingqiang Chen, Jining Wang, and Qi Yang
    Complexity 1-16. 2017.
  •  153
    Values and Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions of Chinese University Students
    with Heikki Juslin
    Journal of Academic Ethics 10 (1): 57-82. 2012.
    The purpose of this study is to analyse the effects of personal demographic factors on Chinese university students’ values and perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues, and to identify the link between personal values and perceptions of CSR. The quantitative data consisted of 980 Chinese university students, and were collected by using a structured self-completion questionnaire. This study found that: 1) the importance of values education should be stressed, because we found t…Read more
  • Students' Perceptions of Forest Industries Business Ethics - A Comparative Analysis of Finland and the USA
    with Tomi Amberla, Heikki Juslin, Rajat Panwar, and Eric Hansen
    Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies 15 (1): 44-54. 2010.
    It has been recognised that personal values have a significant impact on views of business ethics. The basic purpose of this paper is to describe and compare student perceptions of business ethics in Finland and the USA. Another objective is to examine the value dimensions of students and the interrelationships between these values and views of business ethics. The following results have been found in this study: 1) US students generally represent more individualistic and harder values, whereas …Read more
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    Half the sky: The moderating role of cultural collectivism in job turnover among chinese female workers
    with Jingqiu Chen and Ningyu Tang
    Journal of Business Ethics 133 (3): 487-498. 2016.
    The present study examines how collectivism, an important cultural value, plays a moderating role in the association between job attitudes and actual turnover in a sample of 781 Chinese female workers. Results show that collectivism moderates the relationships between job attitude variables and turnover intention. Job satisfaction and organizational commitment are more powerful in predicting turnover intention when levels of collectivism are high rather than low. However, collectivism only moder…Read more
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    The aim of this paper is to explore the role of ethical climate on the relationship between the paternalistic leadership and team identification at the team level. In contrast to the prior studies which tended to focus on ethical climate as a whole dimension, this paper further classified the domain of construct into the categories of egoism, benevolence, and principle using a sample from 143 teams in Mainland China and Taiwan. Hierarchical regression results showed that the average paternalisti…Read more
  •  146
    The Impact of Chinese Culture on Corporate Social Responsibility: The Harmony Approach (review)
    with Heikki Juslin
    Journal of Business Ethics 88 (3). 2009.
    Although the history of adopting the Western Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept in China spans less than 20 years, the core principles of CSR are not new and can be legitimately interpreted within traditional Chinese culture. We find that the Western CSR concepts do not adapt well to the Chinese market, because they have rarely defined the primary reason for CSR well, and the etic approach to CSR concepts does not take the Chinese reality and culture into consideration. This article r…Read more
  • The Eco-industrial Development in China as an Important Part of Ecological Civilization
    with Hui-Ming Li and Xiao-li Zuo
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 3 34-42. 2009.
    Resource and environmental costs of economic growth is too large to solve the ecological civilization of outstanding problems. As the main carrier of human economic activity, industrial systems to connect the economic system and metabolism is an important link between the ecosystem and therefore, industrial ecology is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization. Sort out the domestic and foreign industrial ecology in research related to the results based on industrial ecolog…Read more