• Coronavirus disease cases and COVID-19-related deaths have been increasing worldwide since the outbreak in 2019. Before the mass vaccination campaign for COVID-19, the main methods for COVID-19 control in China were mass testing and quarantine. Based on the transmission mechanism of COVID-19, we constructed a dynamic model for COVID-19 transmission in two typical regions: Beijing and Xinjiang. We calculated the basic reproduction number R 0, proved the global stability of COVID-19 transmission v…Read more
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    Using matched four-stage data from 477 team members and their 132 team leaders in Chinese companies, we examined a cross-level model in which group- and individual-focused transformational leadership and their influence on team and member performance from the perspective of multilevel model of motivation in teams. The results indicated that group-focused TFL exerts positive effects through sequential mediation of team efficacy and team process whereas individual-focused TFL has a positive effect…Read more
  • Operational Safety Risk Assessment for the Water Channels of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project Based on TODIM-FMEA
    with Huimin Li, Li Ji, Hairui Li, Qingguo Sun, Zhihong Li, Hongmei Yan, Wei Guan, Lunyan Wang, and Ying Ma
    Complexity 2020 1-15. 2020.
    The South-to-North Water Diversion Project consists of long-distance water delivery channels and a complicated geological environment along the way. To deal with the operation safety of the water conveyance channels in the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, this study analyzes six failure modes: structural cracks, poor water delivery during ice periods, instability of canal slopes, material aging, abnormal leakage, and foundation defects. Based on FMEA, a multigranularit…Read more
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    An Eco-Inefficiency Dominance Probability Approach for Chinese Banking Operations Based on Data Envelopment Analysis
    with Lunwen Wu, Qingyuan Zhu, Yanling Yu, Gang Kou, and Yi Liao
    Complexity 2020 1-14. 2020.
    Data envelopment analysis has proven to be a powerful technique for assessing the relative performance of a set of homogeneous decision-making units. A critical feature of conventional DEA approaches is that only one or several sets of optimal virtual weights are used to aggregate the ratio performance efficiencies, and thus, the efficiency scores might be too extreme or even unrealistic. Alternatively, this paper aims at developing a new performance dominance probability approach and applying i…Read more
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    A novel identification algorithm for the correlation analysis-based multiple-input single-output neurofuzzy Wiener model with noise is proposed. Firstly, several sets of Gaussian signals are utilized to realize the decoupling between the dynamic linear blocks and the static nonlinear blocks of a MISO Wiener system. Then, the correlation analysis is adopted to identify the parameters of the linear parts, and the problem that the output of static nonlinear block is immeasurable can be solved. As a…Read more
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    Application of Data Mining Technology on Surveillance Report Data of HIV/AIDS High-Risk Group in Urumqi from 2009 to 2015
    with Dandan Tang, Man Zhang, Jiabo Xu, Xueliang Zhang, Fang Yang, Huling Li, Kai Wang, and Yujian Zheng
    Complexity 2018 1-17. 2018.
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    Desired Compensation Adaptive Robust Control of an Active Vibration Isolation System
    with Bo Zhao, Weijia Shi, Ming Zhang, and Jiaxin Li
    Complexity 2018 1-11. 2018.
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    The arbitrariness of a sign is considered a universal feature and a well-established property of the world’s languages by many linguists, which makes languages flexible and facilitates distinguishing the particular referents to words. However, there are some exceptions in the case of Chinese, a language quite different from western languages. This article analyzes Chinese’s arbitrariness mainly from the perspective of word formation and will show that Chinese characters, which were iconic origin…Read more
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    Effects of Cognitive Bias Modification Training via Smartphones
    with Ranming Yang, Lixia Cui, Jing Xiao, Qin Zhang, and Tian P. S. Oei
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.
  • Mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke with cerebral microbleeds
    with Z. -S. Shi, G. R. Duckwiler, R. Jahan, S. Tateshima, N. R. Gonzalez, V. Szeder, J. L. Saver, D. Kim, L. K. Ali, S. Starkman, P. M. Vespa, N. Salamon, J. P. Villablanca, F. Vinuela, Y. Loh, and D. S. Liebeskind
  • New Cerebral Microbleeds After Mechanical Thrombectomy for Large-Vessel Occlusion Strokes
    with Z. -S. Shi, G. R. Duckwiler, R. Jahan, S. Tateshima, N. R. Gonzalez, V. Szeder, J. L. Saver, D. Kim, L. K. Ali, S. Starkman, P. M. Vespa, N. Salamon, J. P. Villablanca, F. Vinuela, Y. Loh, and D. S. Liebeskind
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    High-intensity emergency department visits increased in California, 2002-09
    with A. A. Herring, B. Johnson, A. A. Ginde, C. A. Camargo, H. J. Alter, and R. Hsia
    Increasing use of the emergency department is well documented, but little is known about the type and severity of ED visits or their distribution across safety-net and non-safety-net hospitals. We examined the rates of high-intensity ED visits--characterized by their use of advanced imaging, consultations with specialists, the evaluation of multiple systems, and highly complex medical decision making--by patients with a severe, potentially life-threatening illness in California from 2002 through…Read more
  • Genomic Structure of the Mouse Ap3b1 Gene in Normal and Pearl Mice
    with B. W. Rigatti, E. K. Novak, M. B. Gorin, and R. T. Swank
  • Who described the myth of violence and Exile: The Chinese narrative structure
    Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Communication 17 (3): 147-158. 2007.
  • Columbia University, "Early China Seminar" and "Early China" study
    Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Communication 16 (1): 71-80. 2006.
  • A Review On The Amartya Sen's Theory Of Liberty
    Modern Philosophy 2 41-46. 2006.
    Amartya Sen on freedom • raised some important points include: freedom and preferences related, but also associated with individual rationality. His most influential contribution was to prove the impossibility of a Pareto-free, which won him the Nobel Prize in Economics for the foundation, its basic meaning refers to the existence of a can not meet unlimited domain, Pareto principle freedom and a minimum of three conditions of social decision function. Sen's discussion of free will on the wishfu…Read more