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    The dynamic personalities and structural heterogeneity of proteins are essential for proper functioning. Structural determination of dynamic/heterogeneous proteins is limited by conventional approaches of X-ray and electron microscopy of single-particle reconstruction that require an average from thousands to millions different molecules. Cryo-electron tomography is an approach to determine three-dimensional reconstruction of a single and unique biological object such as bacteria and cells, by i…Read more
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    Evaluating Cortical Alterations in Patients With Chronic Back Pain Using Neuroimaging Techniques: Recent Advances and Perspectives
    with Lili Zhou, Qiaoyue Ren, Tahmineh Mokhtari, Li Wan, Xiaolin Zhou, and Li Hu
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
    Chronic back pain (CBP) is a leading cause of disability and results in considerable socio-economic burdens worldwide. Although CBP patients are commonly diagnosed and treated with a focus on the ‘end organ dysfunction’ (i.e., peripheral nerve injuries or diseases), the evaluation of CBP remains flawed and problematic with great challenges. Given that the peripheral nerve injuries or diseases are insufficient to define the etiology of CBP in some cases, the evaluation of alterations in the centr…Read more
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    © 2016 Elsevier B.V.The evaporative-cooling roof is a popular passive energy conservation technique. This article presents a novel approach for modelling and analysing the influence of evaporation on roof thermal performance. A multivariate nonlinear model was developed for the prediction of the evaporation rate from porous tile. A computer program was then developed based on the one-dimensional roof unsteady heat transfer theory. Finally, the computer program and hourly weather data of Guangzho…Read more
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    Survival and Functionality of hESC-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells Cultured as a Monolayer on Polymer Substrates Transplanted in RCS Rats
    with B. B. Thomas, D. Zhu, P. B. Thomas, Y. Hu, H. Nazari, F. Stefanini, P. Falabella, D. O. Clegg, D. R. Hinton, and M. S. Humayun
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    Stem cell based therapies for age-related macular degeneration: The promises and the challenges
    with H. Nazari, D. Zhu, G. J. Chader, P. Falabella, F. Stefanini, T. Rowland, D. O. Clegg, A. H. Kashani, D. R. Hinton, and M. S. Humayun
    © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness among the elderly in developed countries. AMD is classified as either neovascular or non-neovascular. Cumulative damage to the retinal pigment epithelium, Bruch's membrane, and choriocapillaris leads to dysfunction and loss of RPE cells. This causes degeneration of the overlying photoreceptors and consequential vision loss in advanced NNV-AMD. In NV-AMD, abnormal growth of capillaries under the retina and RPE,…Read more
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    Molecular architecture of contactin-Associated protein-like 2 and its interaction with contactin 2
    with Z. Lu, Mvvvs Reddy, J. Liu, A. Kalichava, F. Chen, Y. Wang, L. M. F. Holthauzen, M. A. White, S. Seshadrinathan, X. Zhong, G. Ren, and G. Rudenko
    Contactin-Associated protein-like 2 is a large multidomain neuronal adhesion molecule implicated in a number of neurological disorders, including epilepsy, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, and language delay. We reveal here by electron microscopy that the architecture of CNTNAP2 is composed of a large, medium, and small lobe that flex with respect to each other. Using epitope labeling and fragments, we assign the F58C, L1, and L2 domains to the large lobe, the FB…Read more
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    Knowledge of three-dimensional structures of each individual particles of asymmetric and flexible proteins is essential in understanding those proteins' functions; but their structures are difficult to determine. Electron tomography provides a tool for imaging a single and unique biological object from a series of tilted angles, but it is challenging to image a single protein for three-dimensional reconstruction due to the imperfect mechanical control capability of the specimen goniometer under …Read more
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    DNA base pairing has been used for many years to direct the arrangement of inorganic nanocrystals into small groupings and arrays with tailored optical and electrical properties. The control of DNA-mediated assembly depends crucially on a better understanding of three-dimensional structure of DNA-nanocrystal-hybridized building blocks. Existing techniques do not allow for structural determination of these flexible and heterogeneous samples. Here we report cryo-electron microscopy and negative-st…Read more
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    Cholesteryl ester transfer protein mediates cholesteryl ester transfer from the atheroprotective high density lipoprotein cholesterol to the atherogenic low density lipoprotein cholesterol. In the past decade, this property has driven the development of CETP inhibitors, which have been evaluated in large scale clinical trials for treating cardiovascular diseases. Despite the pharmacological interest, little is known about the fundamental mechanism of CETP in CE transfer. Recent electron microsco…Read more
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    Commonly used methods for determining protein structure, including X-ray crystallography and single-particle reconstruction, often provide a single and unique three-dimensional structure. However, in these methods, the protein dynamics and flexibility/fluctuation remain mostly unknown. Here, we utilized advances in electron tomography to study the antibody flexibility and fluctuation through structural determination of individual antibody particles rather than averaging multiple antibody particl…Read more
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    HDL surface lipids mediate CETP binding as revealed by electron microscopy and molecular dynamics simulation
    with M. Zhang, Charles R., H. Tong, M. Patel, F. Wang, M. J. Rames, A. Ren, K. A. Rye, X. Qiu, D. G. Johns, Charles M. A., and G. Ren
    Cholesteryl ester transfer protein mediates the transfer of cholesterol esters from atheroprotective high-density lipoproteins to atherogenic low-density lipoproteins. CETP inhibition has been regarded as a promising strategy for increasing HDL levels and subsequently reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Although the crystal structure of CETP is known, little is known regarding how CETP binds to HDL. Here, we investigated how various HDL-like particles interact with CETP by electron mic…Read more
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    Peptides show much promise as potent and selective drug candidates. Fusing peptides to a scaffold monoclonal antibody produces a conjugated antibody which has the advantages of peptide activity yet also has the pharmacokinetics determined by the scaffold antibody. However, the conjugated antibody often has poor binding affinity to antigens that may be related to unknown structural changes. The study of the conformational change is difficult by conventional techniques because structural fluctuati…Read more
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    Membrane-directed molecular assembly of the neuronal SNARE complex
    with W. J. Cho, J. S. Lee, G. Ren, L. Shin, C. W. Manke, J. Potoff, N. Kotaria, M. G. Zhvania, and Jena B. P.
    Since the discovery and implication of N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor -attachment protein receptor proteins in membrane fusion almost two decades ago, there have been significant efforts to understand their involvement at the molecular level. In the current study, we report for the first time the molecular interaction between full-length recombinant t-SNAREs and v-SNARE present in opposing liposomes, leading to the assembly of a t-/v-SNARE ring complex. Using high-resolution electron microsco…Read more
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    Targeted genome editing across species using ZFNs and TALENs
    with A. J. Wood, T. W. Lo, B. Zeitler, C. S. Pickle, E. J. Ralston, A. H. Lee, R. Amora, J. C. Miller, E. Leung, X. Meng, E. J. Rebar, Gregory P. D., F. D. Urnov, and B. J. Meyer
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    A shed NKG2D ligand that promotes natural killer cell activation and tumor rejection
    with W. Deng, B. G. Gowen, L. Wang, S. Lau, A. Iannello, J. Xu, T. L. Rovis, N. Xiong, and D. H. Raulet
    Immune cells, including natural killer cells, recognize transformed cells and eliminate them in a process termed immunosurveillance. It is thought that tumor cells evade immunosurveillance by shedding membrane ligands that bind to the NKG2D-activating receptor on NK cells and/or Tcells, and desensitize these cells. In contrast, we show that in mice, a shed form of MULT1, a high-affinity NKG2D ligand, causes NK cell activation and tumor rejection. Recombinant soluble MULT1 stimulated tumor reject…Read more
  • © 2014 American Chemical Society.Attempts to apply artificial nano/micromotors for diverse biomedical applications have inspired a variety of strategies for designing motors with diverse propulsion mechanisms and functions. However, existing artificial motors are made exclusively of synthetic materials, which are subject to serious immune attack and clearance upon entering the bloodstream. Herein we report an elegant approach that turns natural red blood cells into functional micromotors with th…Read more
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    Cytokine therapy reverses NK cell anergy in MHC-deficient tumors
    with M. Ardolino, C. S. Azimi, A. Iannello, T. N. Trevino, L. Horan, W. Deng, A. M. Ring, S. Fischer, K. C. Garcia, and D. H. Raulet
    Various cytokines have been evaluated as potential anticancer drugs; however, most cytokine trials have shown relatively low efficacy. Here, we found that treatments with IL-12 and IL-18 or with a mutant form of IL-2 provided substantial therapeutic benefit for mice specifically bearing MHC class I-deficient tumors, but these treatments were ineffective for mice with matched MHC class I+ tumors. Cytokine efficacy was linked to the reversal of the anergic state of NK cells that specifically occur…Read more
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    The production of distinct sets of T cell receptor γδ+ T cells occurs in an ordered fashion in thymic development. The Vγ3 and Vγ4 genes, located downstream in the TCRγ Cγ1 gene cluster, are expressed by the earliest waves of developing TCRγδ+ T cells in the fetal thymus, destined for intraepithelial locations. Upstream Vγ2 and Vγ5 genes are expressed in later waves in the adult and constitute most TCRγδ + T cells in secondary lymphoid tissue. This developmental pattern is caused in part by a pr…Read more
  • Nuclear envelope protein MAN1 regulates clock through BMAL1
    with S. T. Lin, X. Lin, L. C. H. Zhang, V. E. L. Garcia, C. W. Tsai, L. Ptáček, and Y. H. Fu
    Copyright © 2014, Lin et al.Circadian clocks serve as internal pacemakers that influence many basic homeostatic processes; consequently, the expression and function of their components are tightly regulated by intricate networks of feedback loops that fine-tune circadian processes. Our knowledge of these components and pathways is far from exhaustive. In recent decades, the nuclear envelope has emerged as a global gene regulatory machine, although its role in circadian regulation has not been ex…Read more
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    Stable Anatomy Detection in Multimodal Imaging Through Sparse Group Regularization: A Comparative Study of Iron Accumulation in the Aging Brain
    with Matthew Pietrosanu, Peter Seres, Ahmed Elkady, Alan H. Wilman, Linglong Kong, and Dana Cobzas
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 15. 2021.
    Multimodal neuroimaging provides a rich source of data for identifying brain regions associated with disease progression and aging. However, present studies still typically analyze modalities separately or aggregate voxel-wise measurements and analyses to the structural level, thus reducing statistical power. As a central example, previous works have used two quantitative MRI parameters—R2* and quantitative susceptibility —to study changes in iron associated with aging in healthy and multiple sc…Read more
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    Resilience Predicts the Trajectories of College Students’ Daily Emotions During COVID-19: A Latent Growth Mixture Model
    with Lei Wang, Yuan Liu, Junyi Zhang, Xiaoying Zhang, and Jingxin Zhao
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    The objective of this study was to examine the association between resilience and trajectories of college students’ negative and positive affect during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 391 college students recruited from China completed a daily online negative and positive affect scale for 1 week, and their resilience was also measured. Profiles of brief trajectories of negative and positive affect over time were identified using the latent growth mixture model, and the effect of resilience on …Read more
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    Effects of Top Management Team Characteristics on Patent Strategic Change and Firm Performance
    with Yongtao Zhou, Yi Zhou, Xu Zhao, and Weijing Chen
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    Patent strategy is increasingly recognized as a vital contributor in promoting core competitiveness of an enterprise. A top management team has been indicated as one of the key factors driving changes in patent strategy. Based on upper echelons theory, this study examines how TMT characteristics, including, team diversity, emotional intelligence, and safety climate, influence enterprise patent strategic change and, hence, the business outcome. The data from 930 top managers in 228 enterprises sh…Read more
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    Supervisor Developmental Feedback and Voice: Relationship or Affect, Which Matters?
    with Zhenduo Zhang, Junwei Zheng, Bao Cheng, and Vivi Gusrini Rahmadani
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
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    As professional football stadiums continue to grow in popularity worldwide, fans are able to watch the game in closer proximity, but the design of professional football stadiums to shorten the distance between fans and the playing field also exacerbates the impact of the home advantage on the referee’s decision to call a penalty. Studies have confirmed the existence of the home advantage and found that experienced referees can reduce the impact of this interference, but the neural mechanisms beh…Read more
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    With the service-dominant logic gradually replacing the traditional commodity-dominant reason, co-creating value with consumers has become an essential marketing practice for enterprises. As a critical information carrier in enterprise marketing communication, the co-creation signal impacts co-creation observers. Enterprises are now exploring how to effectively release co-creation signals to attract most observers to participate in value creation activities actively. Based on self-determination …Read more
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    Does authoritarianism necessarily stifle creativity? The role of discipline-focused authoritarian leadership
    with Honglei Zhao, Qingming Su, Ming Lou, and Chuqi Hang
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    A burgeoning body of research has shown that authoritarian leadership embodies the characteristics of “light” and “dark,” meaning that it does not always have a negative impact on employees’ creative activities. However, studies explaining this potential positive effect are insufficient. To extend the AL and creativity literature, we draw on self-determination theory and event system theory, and elicit discipline-focused AL and appointment event criticality to examine whether, when, and how auth…Read more