• Comparison of nicotine and carcinogen exposure with water pipe and cigarette smoking
    with Jacob P., A. H. A. Raddaha, D. Dempsey, C. Havel, M. Peng, and N. L. Benowitz
    Background: Smoking tobacco preparations in a water pipe is widespread in many places of the world and is perceived by many as relatively safe.Weinvestigated biomarkers of toxicant exposure with water pipe compared with cigarette smoking. Methods: Weconducted a crossover study to assess daily nicotine and carcinogen exposure with water pipe and cigarette smoking in 13 people who were experienced in using both products. Results: When smoking an average of 3 water pipe sessions compared with smoki…Read more
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    Speckle attenuation in optical coherence tomography by curvelet shrinkage
    with Z. Jian, Z. Yu, B. Rao, Z. Chen, and B. J. Tromberg
    We describe an algorithm based on shrinkage in the curvelet domain to attenuate speckles in optical coherence tomography images. The algorithm exploits the curvelet transform's sparse representation of edge discontinuities that are common in OCT images and its ability to map signals and noise into different areas in the curvelet domain. The speckle attenuation is controlled by a single parameter that determines the threshold in the curvelet domain. Applying the algorithm to OCT images shows sign…Read more
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    Tumor-specific chromosome mis-segregation controls cancer plasticity by maintaining tumor heterogeneity
    with Y. Hu, N. Ru, H. Xiao, A. Chaturbedi, Hoa N. T., X. J. Tian, H. Zhang, C. Ke, F. Yan, J. Nelson, Z. Li, R. Gramer, E. Siegel, X. Zhang, Z. Jia, M. R. Jadus, C. L. Limoli, M. E. Linskey, J. Xing, and Y. H. Zhou
    Aneuploidy with chromosome instability is a cancer hallmark. We studied chromosome 7 copy number variation in gliomas and in primary cultures derived from them. We found tumor heterogeneity with cells having Chr7-CNV commonly occurs in gliomas, with a higher percentage of cells in high-grade gliomas carrying more than 2 copies of Chr7, as compared to low-grade gliomas. Interestingly, all Chr7-aneuploid cell types in the parental culture of established glioma cell lines reappeared in single-cell-…Read more