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    The Ister : Cinema's Interruption
    Film-Philosophy 17 (1): 177-192. 2013.
    In this paper I explore the filmakers' intention of making a film about Martin Heidegger's 1942 lecture series on Friedrich Holderlin's poem, 'Der Ister,' as an 'act of philosophical expression'. With and against Heidegger's principles of thought and the possibilities of expression, I argue the filmmakers undermine its generic classification as an essay film through interruption, a technique that is exemplary of Holderlin's poetry
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    Rendering Visible: Painting and sexuate subjectivity
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 47 (6): 608-621. 2015.
    In this essay, I examine Luce Irigaray’s aesthetic of sexual difference, which she develops by extrapolating from Paul Klee’s idea that the role of painting is to render the non-visible rather than represent the visible. This idea is the premise of her analyses of phenomenology and psychoanalysis and their respective contributions to understanding art and sexual identity. I claim that Irigaray assembles an aesthetic of sexual difference that exceeds these familiar intellectual traditions, one th…Read more
  • De-Signing Design: Cartographies of Theory and Practice
    with Scott McQuire, Mark Jackson, Marsha Berry, Maria O'Connor, Laurene Vaughan, Yoko Akama, William Cartwright, Karen Burns, Stephen Loo, Lisa Dethridge, Chris L. Smith, and Neil Leach
    Lexington Books. 2015.
    De-Signing Design: Cartographies of Theory and Practice throws new light on the terrain between theory and practice in transdisciplinary discourses of design and art. The collection brings together a selection of essays on spatiality, difference, cultural aesthetics, and identity in the expanded field of place-making and being