• Women and journalism
    with Deborah Chambers and Carole Fleming
  •  28
    Care As a Virtue for Journalists
    with Chad Okrusch
    Journal of Mass Media Ethics 21 (2-3): 102-122. 2006.
    The prevailing normative model of contemporary journalism, drawn primarily from a liberal enlightenment tradition emphasizing universal notions of rights, contributes to what many perceive as a crisis in contemporary journalism; at the least, Kantian models are too "thin" to provide an adequate ethical standard. We consider the extent to which an ethic of care, reconceived to address weaknesses identified in recent scholarly critiques, provides journalists with an alternative framework for moral…Read more
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    The Value of (Universal) Values in the Work of Clifford Christians
    Journal of Mass Media Ethics 25 (2): 110-120. 2010.
    The compelling ethical legacy of Clifford Christians's and his profound commitment to moral action is enriched by his engagement with universal proto-norms, values that order all human relationships and institutions and so bypass the divisiveness of appeals to individual rights, cultural practices, or national prerogatives. According to Christians, the primal sacredness of life establishes mutual respect as a basis for ethics and thus constitutes the premier proto-norm; our obligation to sustain…Read more