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    Ethics, ethnography and education (edited book)
    with Ruth Barley and Jonathan Tummons
    Emerald Publishing. 2022.
    By its very nature ethnography is an emergent methodology. To be ethical the ethnographer needs to manage research ethics in-situ. This need to manage ethical dilemmas as they arise often comes into conflict with increased ethical regulation and procedures from ethics review boards that require the researcher to foresee ethical quandaries before data collection commences. These regulations can constrain the emerging purpose of the study, evolving means of data collection and multifaceted ways of…Read more
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    Broad H3K4me3 domains: Maintaining cellular identity and their implication in super‐enhancer hijacking
    with Daniel Kent, Letizia Marchetti, Aneta Mikulasova, and Daniel Rico
    Bioessays 45 (10): 2200239. 2023.
    The human and mouse genomes are complex from a genomic standpoint. Each cell has the same genomic sequence, yet a wide array of cell types exists due to the presence of a plethora of regulatory elements in the non‐coding genome. Recent advances in epigenomic profiling have uncovered non‐coding gene proximal promoters and distal enhancers of transcription genome‐wide. Extension of promoter‐associated H3K4me3 histone mark across the gene body, known as a broad H3K4me3 domain (H3K4me3‐BD), is a sig…Read more