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    BioEssays 12/2019
    with Yize Chen and Marco Tulio Angulo
    Bioessays 41 (12): 1970121. 2019.
    Graphical AbstractTo mechanistically understand the dynamics of complex ecosystems, Yize Chen et al. employ symbolic regression (SR), a machine learning method that automatically reverse-engineers both model structure and parameters from temporal data. SR randomly assembles candidate models, computes the model fitness, and employs mutation and crossover to build better ones. The Pareto front reflects the trade-off between complexity and fitness of candidate models. More details can be found in a…Read more
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    Epistemic space of degradation processes
    with Antoine Rauzy
    Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 31 (1): 1-25. 2020.
    In this article, we present a new approach of modelling epistemic uncertainties in degradation processes. This approach is established in the framework of finite degradation structures, whic...
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    Inferring human microbial dynamics from temporal metagenomics data: Pitfalls and lessons
    with Hong-Tai Cao, Travis E. Gibson, and Amir Bashan
    Bioessays 39 (2): 1600188. 2017.
    The human gut microbiota is a very complex and dynamic ecosystem that plays a crucial role in health and well‐being. Inferring microbial community structure and dynamics directly from time‐resolved metagenomics data is key to understanding the community ecology and predicting its temporal behavior. Many methods have been proposed to perform the inference. Yet, as we point out in this review, there are several pitfalls along the way. Indeed, the uninformative temporal measurements and the composi…Read more
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    Revealing Complex Ecological Dynamics via Symbolic Regression
    with Yize Chen and Marco Tulio Angulo
    Bioessays 41 (12): 1900069. 2019.
    Understanding the dynamics of complex ecosystems is a necessary step to maintain and control them. Yet, reverse-engineering ecological dynamics remains challenging largely due to the very broad class of dynamics that ecosystems may take. Here, this challenge is tackled through symbolic regression, a machine learning method that automatically reverse-engineers both the model structure and parameters from temporal data. How combining symbolic regression with a “dictionary” of possible ecological f…Read more
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    Can Psychological Contracts Decrease Opportunistic Behaviors?
    with Leinan Zhang, Qingyan Zeng, Yan Han, and Yixin Xu
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    Behavioral psychology is increasingly important in relationship marketing. As key factors of emotional interactions between buyer and seller, psychological contracts and opportunistic behaviors play a critical role in interorganizational relationships which are based on personal relationships of boundary spanners and top management. Most of the existing research mainly focus on positive performance of cooperation but ignoring the dark side of relationships. This study introduces the psychologica…Read more
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    The present work aims to efficiently carry out life-death education for college students, improve their psychological problems, and reduce suicide accidents by combining LDE with Dance Movement Therapy. DMT is a psychosomatic cross therapy that treats mental or physical diseases through dance or improvisation. Firstly, this paper introduces LDE and DMT and designs the activities of DMT intervention. Secondly, the relationship between DMT and LDE is analyzed. Finally, a questionnaire survey is co…Read more