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    Streaming big time series forecasting based on nearest similar patterns with application to energy consumption
    with P. Jiménez-Herrera, G. Asencio-Cortés, and A. Troncoso
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 31 (2): 255-270. 2023.
    This work presents a novel approach to forecast streaming big time series based on nearest similar patterns. This approach combines a clustering algorithm with a classifier and the nearest neighbours algorithm. It presents two separate stages: offline and online. The offline phase is for training and finding the best models for clustering, classification and the nearest neighbours algorithm. The online phase is to predict big time series in real time. In the offline phase, data are divided into …Read more
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    Research has revealed that sex education policies are informed by national and local struggles over the meanings and consequences of gender, race, sexuality, and class categories. However, few studies have considered how policies are enacted in the classroom production of sex education to support or challenge gender, racial, sexual, and class hierarchies. This article draws on data obtained through semistructured in-depth interviews with 40 Latina youth to explore how heteronormativity, sexism, …Read more
  • ¿ Qué es un dispositivo
    Foucault, Deleuze, Agamben. A Parte Rei 74. 2011.
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    Paul Grice, philosopher and linguist, de Siobhan Chapman
    Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy 26 (2): 149-152. 2007.
  • Descartes: las ideas y su falsedad
    Dianoia 40 (40): 123-142. 1994.