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    Only a catastrophe could save us. Being-towards-death in the era of the ecological crisis The aim of this essay is to develop a theoretical background to approach the problem of climate change, starting from the question of death as theorized by Heidegger in his masterpiece Being and Time. In order to do that, I start from the concept of the Anthropocene in relation with the problem of human and natural history and introducing the Heideggerian concept of history as epiphenomenon of temporal stru…Read more
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    The problem of technology cannot be separated from the problem of man, his nature and his determination. This essay surveys the nexus man-technology in the philosophical perspective of G. Anders, hybridized with André Leroi-Gourhan’s empiric anthropology. Anders philosophical concepts such as promethean gap and Weltfremdheit are investigated following the line of human evolution, that set itself as a process of gradual exoneration from nature in which technology and language play an essential ro…Read more