•  26
    Clinical Ethics Consultation and Research Ethics Consultation: A Call for Italy
    with Domenico Franco Merlo, Roberto Satolli, Teresa Coppola, Luca Ghirotto, and Massimo Costantini
    American Journal of Bioethics 18 (1): 63-64. 2018.
  •  11
    Compassionate use programs in Italy: ethical guidelines
    with Roberto Satolli and Massimo Costantini
    BMC Medical Ethics 19 (1): 22. 2018.
    This article proposes a retrospective analysis of a compassionate use, using a case study of request for Avelumab for a patient suffering from Merkel Cell Carcinoma. The study is the result of a discussion within a Provincial Ethics Committee following the finding of a high number of requests for CU program. The primary objective of the study is to illustrate the specific ethical and clinical profiles that emerge from the compassionate use program issue. The secondary goals are: a) to promote a …Read more