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    Metaphysical Vacuity and Mystagogical Praxis
    Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 73 (2): 455-478. 2017.
    Philosophy has taken a «practical turn». Metaphysics is no longer the privileged form of appearance and working frame of philosophy. The paradigm of praxis becomes generalized in contemporary society in conjunction with the so-called phenomenon of the «return of religion». It is from these facts and indications that the present article proposes to examine and critically evaluate the status of the religious and metaphysical approaches to theology, by detaching and isolating religion and metaphysi…Read more
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    Iconologia e Teologia Política
    Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 75 (3): 1499-1520. 2019.
    In the following paper, the interconnection and relationship between theology and politics is studied in the context of the iconoclastic controversy of the 7th and 8th centuries in the Eastern Roman Empire. We start by observing the historical context of this polemic. Then, the patristic theology of icons is presented on the basis of Saint John Damascene’s classical apologetic treatises on the holy images. The several meanings of «image» are analyzed, with special focus on the equivalence betwee…Read more