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    The Normative Requirement of Means-End Rationality and Modest Bootstrapping
    Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 17 (3): 487-503. 2014.
    “Myth theorists” have recently called the normative requirement of means-end rationality into question. I show that we can accept certain lessons from the Myth Theorists and also salvage our intuition that there is a normative requirement of means-end rationality. I argue that any appeal to a requirement to make our attitudes coherent as such is superfluous and unnecessary in order to vindicate the requirement of means-end rationality and also avoid the problematic conclusion that persons ought …Read more
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    Responsibility Unincorporated: Corporate Agency and Moral Responsibility
    Philosophical Quarterly 69 (275): 294-314. 2019.
    Those who argue that corporations can be morally responsible for what they do help us to understand how autonomous corporate agency is possible, and those who argue that they cannot be help us maintain distinctive value in human life. Each offers something valuable, but without securing the other's important contribution. I offer an account that secures both. I explain how corporations can be autonomous agents that we can continue to be justified in blaming as responsible agents, but without it …Read more