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    Comentário: Pluralismo, Relativismo e a Razão Instrumental (review)
    Trans/Form/Ação 43 (spe): 119-122. 2020.
    Comments on the paper: Pluralismo y absolutismo en la crítica. Dialéctica reflexiva y política democrática a partir de M. Horkheimer y Th. W. Adorno, by Emiliano Matías Gambarotta.
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    This review will develop a theme from the theoretical contrast between Max Weber and Adorno approach of the concept of “progress”, read by their discussions on, respectively, “The Meaning of Wertfreiheit in Sociology and Economics” (1917) and “Fortschritt”, (Progress, 1962). After establishing a comparison between both writings and their theoretical tools, we shall identify the differences in resources by the critical and traditional theory elements. The opposition shall become more distinctly a…Read more
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    The tragic death in Tolstoy's writings has helped both Max Weber and György Lukács in characterizing the modern pathos as a tragic contemplation of the emptiness of life. Through Tolstoy's readings, Weber and Lukács found an interesting source of denying arts and modern sciences autonomy, considering, from the aesthetics sphere, the meaningless of this new immanent reality. Both has assumed Tolstoy main theme from the same perspective, contrasting ancient and modern worldviews. Max Weber present…Read more
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    In the following pages, the main proposal is to indicate how Max Weber has dialogued directly with some prerogatives from Kant’s Critic of practical Reason, following the reception of Wilhelm Windelband’s concept of “responsibility” (Verantwortlichkeit) and his theory of values. In sight of these influences, in this paper will be argued how Weber adherence to the neo-Kantian value concept has made possible a review on the categorical imperatives, which has turned his reading from Kantian philoso…Read more
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    Voltaire has presented in his Letters on the English different themes, from religious ethics, literacy, politics, to dramas and science. The letters present us a comparison between England and France. In this parallel we shall present how Voltaire was concerned in evaluate a high standard of taste and refinements. This paper will review some of the last letters of those, which testify about this criterion of taste as a modern point of view. We shall present in Voltaire the eminence of modernity …Read more
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    This article intend to elucidate how Wilhelm Windelband employed the Kantian critic method without devoid its typical features, going through this, what is fundamental for the approach from speculative reason to practical reason would be identified. We understand that practical reason, as a theoretical interest, is prefigured on the first critic, and that the Kantian system suffers mutations until his second critic formulation. Windelband’s critical view, can offer the tips of how to interpreter…Read more