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    Money, Markets, and Monarchies: The Gulf Cooperation Council and the Political Economy of the Contemporary Middle East By HaniehAdam, ix + 304 pp. Price PB £23.99. EAN 978–1108453158.
  • This book examines all verses of the Quran involving knowledge related concepts. It begins with the argument that an analysis of the Quranic concept of ignorance points to epistemic virtues that can pave our way towards gaining knowledge and/or understanding. It deals with the Quranic concepts of perceptual, rational, and revelatory knowledge as well as understanding and wisdom in the light of recent discussions in Western analytic epistemology. It also argues that the relevant Quranic verses se…Read more
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    Language and Translatability: Tarski versus Davidson
    International Philosophical Quarterly 31 (4): 419-426. 1991.
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    Language and Translatability: Tarski versus Davidson
    International Philosophical Quarterly 31 (124): 419-426. 1991.
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    Islamic ethics and the controversy about the moral heart of confucianism
    Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 7 (2): 151-156. 2008.
    This essay briefly evaluates the ongoing controversy between LIU Qingping and GUO Qiyong (and their followers) about the “moral heart ”of Confucianism in order to draw acomparison with Islamic ethics for mutual illumination of the two traditions.
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    Modernity and Muslims: Towards a Selective Retrieval
    American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences 28 (1). 2011.
    This article is focused on some conditions in today’s world of globalized media, which are producing either an uncritical acquiescence or fright in Muslim societies as a result of the interaction between these societies and the contemporary Western powers that represent modernity and postmodernity on the global stage. The rise of fundamentalism, a tendency toward returning to the roots and stringently insisting upon some pure and literal interpretation of them, in almost all the religions of the…Read more
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    In the General Psychopathology Jaspers famously draws a distinction between the understandable and explainable. Meaningful connections between psychic events, he argues, can only be understood empathetically and cannot be explained causally. The idea behind this distinction, according to some interpreters at least, seems to be that psychic events do not fall under any general causal rules whereas ordinary events do fall under such rules. Also Jaspers distinguishes empathetic understanding of the…Read more
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    Evolution of Quine’s Thinking on the Thesis of Underdetermination and Scott Soames’s Accusation of Paradoxicality
    Hopos: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 5 (1): 56-69. 2015.
    Scott Soames argues that interpreted in the light of Quine's holistic verificationism, Quine's thesis of underdetermination leads to a contradiction. It is contended here that if we pay proper attention to the evolution of Quine's thinking on the subject, particularly his criterion of theory individuation, Quine's thesis of underdetermination escapes Soames' charge of paradoxicality.
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    Moderation in Greek and Islamic Traditions and a Virtue Ethics of the Quran
    This article looks at some of the salient analyses of moderation in the ancient Greek and the Islamic traditions and uses them to develop a contemporary view of the matter. Greek ethics played a huge role in shaping the ethical views of the Muslim philosophers and theologians, and thus the article starts with an overview of the revival of contemporary western virtue ethics--in many ways an extension of Platonic-Aristotelian ethics--and then looks at the place of moderation or temperance in Plato…Read more