• Ripstein and his critics
    In Sari Kisilevsky & Martin Jay Stone (eds.), Freedom and Force: Essays on Kant’s Legal Philosophy, Bloomsbury Academic. 2017.
  • Kant's apparent positivism
    In Sari Kisilevsky & Martin Jay Stone (eds.), Freedom and Force: Essays on Kant’s Legal Philosophy, Bloomsbury Academic. 2017.
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    What is the will? And what is its relation to human action? Throughout history, philosophers have been fascinated by the idea of "the will": the source of the drive that motivates human beings to act. However, there has never been a clear consensus as to what the will is and how it relates to human action. Some philosophers have taken the will to be based firmly in reason and rational choice, and some have seen it as purely self-determined. Others have replaced the idea of the human will with a …Read more
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    Flagellar export apparatus and ATP synthetase: Homology evidenced by synteny predating the Last Universal Common Ancestor
    with Nicholas J. Matzke, Angela Lin, and Matthew A. B. Baker
    Bioessays 43 (7): 2100004. 2021.
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    This article argues that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by claiming certain inheritances from eighteenth-century American and French rights declarations, simultaneously disavowed others, reshaping the genre of the rights declaration in ways amenable to forms of imperial and racial domination. I begin by considering the rights declaration as genre, arguing that later participants can both inherit and disavow aspects of what came before. Then, drawing on original archival research, I c…Read more
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    Listening to what cannot be said: Broken narratives and the lived body
    with Renata Kokanović
    Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 17 (1): 20-31. 2018.
    The core of this special issue of Arts and Humanities in Higher Education emerged from the Broken Narratives and the Lived Body conference held in 2016. The ‘Broken Narrative’ essays included in this issue open up a critical space for understanding and theorising illness narratives that defy a conventional cognitive ordering of the self as a bounded spatial and temporal entity. Here, we discuss how narratives might be ‘broken’ by discourse, trauma, ‘ill’ lived bodies and experiences that exceed …Read more
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    This collection of essays takes as its starting point Arthur Ripstein's Force and Freedom: Kant's Legal and Political Philosophy, a seminal work on Kant's thinking about law, which also treats many of the contemporary issues of legal and political philosophy. The essays offer readings and elucidations of Ripstein's thought, dispute some of his claims and extend some of his themes within broader philosophical contexts, thus developing the significance of Ripstein's ideas for contemporary legal an…Read more
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    Anscombe on expression of intention : an exegesis
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    Anscombe on expression of intention
    In Constantine Sandis (ed.), New Essays on the Explanation of Action, Palgrave-macmillan. 2009.
    Of course in every act of this kind, there remains the possibility of putting this act into question – insofar as it refers to more distant, more essential ends.... For example the sentence which I write is the meaning of the letters I trace, but the whole work I wish to produce is the meaning of the sentence. And this work is a possibility in connection with which I can feel anguish; it is truly my possibility...tomorrow in relation to it my freedom can exercise its nihilating power
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    The Logic of Ethical Statements
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 32 (3). 1972.
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    The changing face of the enemy in fascist italy
    Constellations 15 (3): 332-350. 2008.
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