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    Educating the Educators: Critical Realism and the Ideological Unconscious
    Journal of Critical Realism 12 (4): 443-478. 2013.
    While for Louis Althusser ideology was very much an affair of the unconscious, it fell to his Spanish student, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, to fully articulate the concept of the ‘ideological unconscious’ per se, the latter understood as secreted by the relations of production operative respectively within the various modes of production. Rodrí-guez elucidates the workings of this unconscious through the associated notion of an ideological matrix, with particular reference to the transition from ‘subs…Read more
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    Malcolm Read offers an overview and critical assessment of the work of Spanish Marxist Juan Carlos Rodríguez read through his most recent book, De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de marxismo. Ranging over the work of Poulantzas, Roy Bhaskar, Marx, Althusser, and Brecht, Read seeks to substantiate the claim that any Marxist analysis worthy of its name should start from the notion of exploitation; to depart from the characteristically bourgeois opposition between subject/object, agent/structure, and …Read more
  • Malcom Read examines crucial distinctions between the “ideological unconscious” and the “political unconscious,” as they were “developed along very different, even contrasting lines in, respectively, the work of Juan Carlos Rodríguez and that of Fredric Jameson.” Drawing out the differences between how the two thinkers situate their work in relation to Althusser, Read invites us to take a deep dive into the world of structuralist Marxisms.
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    On the Radical Historicity of Literature: Althusser versus Bhaskar
    Journal of Critical Realism 15 (2): 142-169. 2016.
    The present article takes as its point of departure the recent tributes to Bhaskar published on the occasion of the latter's death. Laudable and understandable though it was to prioritize the career trajectories of younger scholars, one of the unforeseen consequences was to marginalize those of their more mature colleagues. The latter perforce arrive upon the scene of critical realism already burdened with their own overdetermined legacies, which demand rather more in the way of complex renegoti…Read more