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    The concern for the role of emotion in argumentative encounters has rested upon the concept of emotion as arguments, emotions to obtain the adherence of the audience and reflect the virtues of a good arguer. In this paper, we focus on understanding emotion and argumentation based on cognitive approaches that identify the relationship between the two elements, to propose the use of emotion regulation strategies in deliberative dialogue. Bearing in mind that the intensity of emotional responses ma…Read more
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    Distal learning of the incremental capacity curve of a LiFePO4 battery
    with Luciano Sánchez, José Otero, David Anseán, Alana A. Zülke, and Inés Couso
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 30 (2): 301-313. 2022.
    An intelligent model of the incremental capacity curve of an automotive lithium-ferrophosphate battery is presented. The relative heights of the two major peaks of the IC curve can be acquired from high-current discharges, thus enabling the state of health estimation of the battery while the vehicle is being operated and in certain cases, aging mechanisms can be suggested. Our model has been validated using a large dataset representing different degradation scenarios, obtained from a recently av…Read more
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    Dislocation configurations around a nanoindentation in the surface of a fcc metal
    with O. Rodríguez de la Fuente and J. Rojo
    Philosophical Magazine 83 (4): 485-502. 2003.
    We report a scanning tunnelling microscopy investigation of the emission of dislocations around nanoindentations in the form of dislocation arrangements previously called hillocks , consisting of two pairs of Shockley partial dislocations, each encompassing a stacking fault. The spatial arrangement and size distribution of hillocks around the nanoindentation traces are studied. We show that standard dislocation theory for an isotropic continuum can be used to describe the stability of the hilloc…Read more
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    Schriften über die Gnade. Prolegomena Band III; Aurelius Augustinus (review)
    Mayéutica 18 (46): 430-431. 1992.