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    Semiotic Anthropology in Poland
    Studia Semiotyczne—English Supplement 26 168-183. 2007.
    In British and American anthropological literature, the ethnology of Central and Eastern European countries has shared in the plight of descriptions of this part of the world: it was seen as exotic, foreign, remote, a backwater, focused on sideline problems and situated on the periphery of this field of science. This state of affairs has been the case since at least the beginning of the Cold War as the descriptions of the national characters of Eastern Bloc communities, drafted by American schol…Read more
  • Antropologia semiotyczna w Polsce
    Studia Semiotyczne 26 279-292. 2007.
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    Kultuurisemiootika ja uus poola etnoloogia. Kokkuvõte
    Sign Systems Studies 31 (1): 278-279. 2003.
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    Semiotics of culture and New Polish Ethnology
    Sign Systems Studies 31 (1): 271-277. 2003.
    The paper deals with the contemporary state of semiotic ethnology in Poland (connected with New Polish Ethnology group), its internal and external influences, its specifics, subjects and its reaction to the other theoretical propositions. The “neotribe” of New Polish Ethnology was established by few younger scholars, ethnologists in the early 1980s, in an opposition to the dominant stream of positivistic ethnology. Today they have become classics of Polish anthropology, masters that have educate…Read more