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    This paper aims to investigate the topos of tragedy in Ricoeur’s thought. In particular this reflection is moved by the statement, made by Ricoeur in Oneself as Another, that tragedy must be considered as a non-philosophical element in the course of the book. This fact is also highlighted by the use of the italics font, which signifies the different role of the “interlude” on tragedy in the development of the text. Starting from this point, this paper tries to track the evolution of the concept …Read more
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    The aim of this contribution is to recall the problem of the Ricoeurian reception of Heidegger’s thought, starting from the interpretation given by Domenico Jervolino in his book Il cogito e l’ermeneutica. This interpretation will be highlighted as an opportunity to rediscover both the continuity and discontinuity between the Heideggerian and Ricoeurian hermeneutics. In this sense will be shown their common aim to disclose the possibility of a philosophical openness on the threshold of thinking,…Read more
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    This paper aims to investigate the possibility to define Ricoeur’s dialectic between explanation and understanding within the horizon of Heidegger and Gadamer’s hermeneutics of “parallel discourse” as proposed by Furia Valori. The paper is focused on the possibility to understand the alternative between explanation and understanding as a mediation which leaves the two terms in an alternative but parallel course of meaning which lies undisclosed under the tensions of language. In this sense, this…Read more