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    Simultaneity as an Invariant Equivalence Relation
    Foundations of Physics 42 (11): 1365-1383. 2012.
    This paper deals with the concept of simultaneity in classical and relativistic physics as construed in terms of group-invariant equivalence relations. A full examination of Newton, Galilei and Poincaré invariant equivalence relations in ℝ4 is presented, which provides alternative proofs, additions and occasionally corrections of results in the literature, including Malament’s theorem and some of its variants. It is argued that the interpretation of simultaneity as an invariant equivalence relat…Read more
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    On the Fundamental Theorem of the Theory of Relativity
    Foundations of Physics 46 (12): 1680-1712. 2016.
    A new formulation of what may be called the “fundamental theorem of the theory of relativity” is presented and proved in -space-time, based on the full classification of special transformations and the corresponding velocity addition laws. A system of axioms is introduced and discussed leading to the result, and a study is made of several variants of that system. In particular the status of the group axiom is investigated with respect to the condition of the two-way isotropy of light. Several is…Read more
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    Complessità, riduzionismo e teorie finali in fisica
    Iride: Filosofia e Discussione Pubblica 17 (1): 95-108. 2004.