Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
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    Apolipoprotein E4 Causes Age- and Sex-Dependent Impairments of Hilar GABAergic Interneurons and Learning and Memory Deficits in Mice
    with L. Leung, Y. Andrews-Zwilling, S. Y. Yoon, S. Jain, K. Ring, J. Dai, L. Tong, D. Walker, and Y. Huang
    Apolipoprotein E4 is the major genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. ApoE4 has sex-dependent effects, whereby the risk of developing AD is higher in apoE4-expressing females than males. However, the mechanism underlying the sex difference, in relation to apoE4, is unknown. Previous findings indicate that apoE4 causes age-dependent impairments of hilar GABAergic interneurons in female mice, leading to learning and memory deficits. Here, we investigate whether the detrimental effects of apo…Read more