Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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    Human rights and COVID-19 triage: a comment on the Bath protocol
    with Vivek Bhatt, Sabine Michalowski, Aaron Wyllie, and Wayne Martin
    Journal of Medical Ethics 47 (7): 464-466. 2021.
    In their discussion paper of November 2020, Cooket alpresent a draft protocol for navigating circumstances in which emergency services are overwhelmed. Their paper suggests that COVID-related triage decisions should be based on clinical assessment, patient and family consultation, and a range of ethical considerations. In this response, we note that the protocol exhibits an ambiguity that is likely to result in irresolvable dilemmas when put into practice. This ambiguity is exemplified in the pa…Read more
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    Should age matter in COVID-19 triage? A deliberative study
    with Scott Y. Kim, Alexander Ruck Keene, and Gareth S. Owen
    Journal of Medical Ethics. forthcoming.
    The COVID-19 pandemic put a large burden on many healthcare systems, causing fears about resource scarcity and triage. Several COVID-19 guidelines included age as an explicit factor and practices of both triage and ‘anticipatory triage’ likely limited access to hospital care for elderly patients, especially those in care homes. To ensure the legitimacy of triage guidelines, which affect the public, it is important to engage the public’s moral intuitions. Our study aimed to explore general public…Read more
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    Hyperkrasia: structures of agency in self-oppression
    Dissertation, University of Essex. 2020.
    This thesis starts from the intuition that it is possible to oppress oneself. On an initial description, self-oppression is a form of agency in which the agent, though exercising self-control, compromises her own choices in doing so. But, as such, self-oppression seems paradoxical and thus impossible: how can an agent be both the oppressor and the oppressed? And how can she compromise her own choices? The headline aim of the thesis is to offer a conceptualisation of self-oppression, thus establi…Read more