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    Our Epistemic Duties in Scenarios of Vaccine Mistrust
    International Journal of Philosophical Studies 29 (4): 613-640. 2021.
    ABSTRACT What, if anything, should we do when someone says they don’t believe in anthropogenic climate change? Or that they worry that a COVID-19 vaccine might be dangerous? We argue that in general, we face an epistemic duty to object to such assertions, qua instances of science denial and science sceptical discourse, respectively. Our argument builds on recent discussions in social epistemology, specifically surrounding the idea that we ought to speak up against (epistemically) problematic ass…Read more
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    The Minimalist Program in generative linguistics is predicated on the idea that simplicity is a defining property of the human language faculty, on the one hand; on the other, a central aim of linguistic theorising. Worryingly, however, justifications for either claim are hard to come by in the literature. We sketch a proposal that would allow for both shortcomings to be addressed, and that furthermore honours the program’s declared commitment to naturalism. We begin by teasing apart and clarify…Read more
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    Palau, Gladys, Lógicas condicionales y razonamiento de sentido común. Barcelona, Gedisa, 2004, pp. 190 (review)
    with Federico Ezequiel López
    Revista de Filosofía y Teoría Política 36 128-131. 2005.