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    Imagination has received a great deal of attention in different fields such as psychology, philosophy and the cognitive sciences, in which some works provide a detailed account of the mechanisms involved in the creation and elaboration of imaginary worlds. Although imagination has also been formalized using different logical systems, none of them captures those dynamic mechanisms. In this work, we take inspiration from the Common Frame for Imagination Acts, that identifies the different processe…Read more
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    An experimental and numerical study of the influence of local effects on the application of the fibre push-in test
    with Jon M. Molina-Aldareguía, C. González, and J. LLorca
    Philosophical Magazine 91 (7-9): 1293-1307. 2011.
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    A Common Frame for Formal Imagination
    with Joan Casas-Roma and Antonia Huertas
    Minds and Machines 29 (4): 603-634. 2019.
    In this paper, we review three influential theories of imagination in order to understand how the dynamics of imagination acts could be modeled using formal languages. While reviewing them, we notice that they are not detailed enough to account for all the mechanisms involved in creating and developing imaginary worlds. We claim those theories could be further refined into what we call the Common Frame for Imagination Acts, which defines a framework that can be used to study the dynamics of imag…Read more
  • G. Vico: Oración I
    Cuadernos Sobre Vico 2 253-259. 1992.