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    Photographic Registers are Latent Images
    The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. forthcoming.
    In a recent article, Dawn Wilson (2021) has argued against single-stage accounts of photography by arguing against the latent photographic images upon which those accounts depend. Concomitantly, she argues that the only viable account of photography is multi-stage. Unlike single-stage accounts, multi-stage accounts do not postulate the existence of photographic images of any kind prior to development. Rather, according to multi-stage accounts, photographs are produced from “photographic register…Read more
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    Film, Perception, Aesthetics: An interview with Bence Nanay
    Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics 11 (1): 2-17. 2014.
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    What is the Uncanny? A Philosophical Enquiry
    Dissertation, University of Kent. 2017.
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    One of the gravest charges that has been brought against Hume’s essay “Of the Standard of Taste” is that of circularity. Hume is accused of defining good art in terms of “true judges,” and of defining true judges in terms of their ability to judge good art. First, I argue that Hume avoids circularity since he offers a way of identifying good art that is logically independent of the verdict of true judges. Second, I argue that this clarifies an enduring puzzle in the scholarship on Hume’s essay: …Read more
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    What is the Uncanny?
    British Journal of Aesthetics 59 (1): 51-65. 2019.
    I propose a definition of the uncanny: an anxious uncertainty about what is real caused by an apparent impossibility. First, I outline the relevance of the uncanny to art and aesthetics. Second, I disambiguate theoretical uses of ‘uncanny’ and establish the sense of the term that I am interested in—namely, an emotional state directed towards particular objects in the world which are characteristically eerie, creepy, and weird. Third, I look at Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ a…Read more
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    Masculinities: Liberation through Photography (review)
    British Journal of Aesthetics 60 (3): 359-362. 2020.
    Masculinities: Liberation through PhotographyBarbican Art Gallery, 20 February–17 May 2020.
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    Tales of Dread
    Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics 56 (1): 65-86. 2019.
    ‘Tales of dread’ is a genre that has received scant attention in aesthetics. In this paper, I aim to elaborate an account of tales of dread which effectively distinguishes these from horror stories, and helps explain the close affinity between the two, accommodating borderline cases. I briefly consider two existing accounts of the genre – namely, those of Noël Carroll and of Cynthia Freeland – and show why they are inadequate for my purposes. I then develop my own account of tales of dread, draw…Read more
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    Freud on the Uncanny: A Tale of Two Theories
    Philosophy and Literature 44 (1): 35-51. 2020.
    Freud’s famous essay “The ‘Uncanny’” is often poorly understood. In this paper, I clear up the popular misconception that Freud identifies all uncanny phenomena with the return of repressed infantile complexes by showing that he offers not one but two theories of the uncanny: “return of the repressed,” and another explanation that has to do with the apparent confirmation of “surmounted primitive beliefs.” Of the two, I argue that it is the latter, more often overlooked theory that faces fewer se…Read more