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    Defining the duty to contribute: Against the market solution
    European Journal of Political Theory 18 (4): 469-488. 2017.
    If there is a duty of justice to contribute to society, which asks individuals to produce a specific amount of goods and services that can be redistributed, we need a decision-procedure to know whe...
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    Finding Oneself in the Other, written by G.A. Cohen (review)
    Journal of Moral Philosophy 12 (3): 343-346. 2015.
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    Rescuing Justice from Indifference
    Social Theory and Practice 44 (4): 485-505. 2018.
    G. A. Cohen has argued that egalitarian justice proscribes equality-upsetting economic incentives, but that individuals nevertheless are required to make a sufficiently large productive contribution to society. This article argues, however, that Cohen’s claim that justice is insensitive to Pareto concerns and simply is equality, undermines such a duty. In fact, Cohen cannot say that justice prefers a distribution where everyone is equally well off to one where everyone is equally badly off. Indi…Read more