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    How Does L1 and L2 Exposure Impact L1 Performance in Bilingual Children? Evidence from Polish-English Migrants to the United Kingdom (review)
    with Ewa Haman, Zofia Wodniecka, Marta Marecka, Jakub Szewczyk, Agnieszka Otwinowska, Karolina Mieszkowska, Magdalena Łuniewska, Joanna Kołak, Aneta Miękisz, Agnieszka Kacprzak, Natalia Banasik, and Małgorzata Foryś-Nogala
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.
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    Emotional and attentional predictors of self-regulation in early childhood
    with Arkadiusz Białek, Magdalena Kosno, Karolina Byczewska-Konieczny, Irmina Rostek, and Małgorzata Stępień-Nycz
    Polish Psychological Bulletin 46 (3): 421-432. 2015.
    The development of self-regulation in early childhood is related to development of emotional regulation and attention, in particular executive attention. As the ability to self-regulate is crucial in life, it is important to reveal early predictors of self-regulation. The aim of the paper is to present the results of longitudinal studies on the relationships between the functioning of attention, regulation of emotion and later self-regulatory abilities. 310 children were assessed at three time p…Read more
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    Where was it? Working memory as a predictor of passive vocabulary development in the third year of life
    with Karolina Byczewska-Konieczny and Magdalena Kosno
    Polish Psychological Bulletin 47 (1): 92-102. 2016.
    The objective of the presented research was to test whether working memory, measured using the Spin the Pots task, is an important factor in passive vocabulary development in 2- and 3-year-old children. Two longitudinal studies were conducted. In the first, 135 children participated in the first study. At 18 months their responding to joint attention was measured, and then at 24 months their working memory and passive vocabulary was tested. It was demonstrated that responding to joint attention …Read more
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    Attachment and alexithymia are related, but mind-mindedness does not mediate this relationship
    with Marta Szpak
    Polish Psychological Bulletin 46 (2): 217-222. 2015.
    The main aim of the study was to check: attachment-related differences in alexithymia and the mediating role of mind-mindedness in attachment-alexithymia relationship. Method: Attachment, alexithymia and mind-mindedness were measured in the sample of 128 Polish undergraduates. Results: Positive associations were seen between attachment anxiety and overall alexithymia scores and difficulty identifying emotions. Attachment avoidance was positively associated with overall alexithymia score, difficu…Read more
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    Generating and Understanding Jokes by Five- And Nine-Year-Olds as an Expression of Theory of Mind
    with Maria Kielar-Turska
    Polish Psychological Bulletin 40 (4): 163-169. 2009.
    Generating and Understanding Jokes by Five- And Nine-Year-Olds as an Expression of Theory of Mind The main aim of the presented research is to describe children's ability to generate and understand humorous stories and pictures drawn by their peers and older or younger children. From the perspective of research on children's theories of mind, we assume that in middle childhood we will observe a transition from the basic, copy theory of mind to the interpretative one. We examined 60 five- and nin…Read more