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    Using Somatic Awareness as a Guide for Making Healthy Life Choices
    Somatics Magazine-Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences (Number 2): 40-43. 2007.
    Love, S. (2007). Using somatic awareness as a guide for making healthy life choices. Somatics Magazine- Journal Of The Mind/Body Arts and Sciences, Volume XV, Number 2, pages 40-43. (Silver Love is same person as author Martha C. Love)
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    Healing the Trauma of the Body/Mind Split through Accessing Instinctual Gut Feelings
    with Martha Love
    Somatics Magazine-Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences (4): 40-49. 2008.
    For the full text of this article see "Download Options PhiPapers Archive and click Download from Archive" at the bottom of this page. First 500 words of article: To my surprise last spring, an article titled “Gut Almighty”, which briefly explained the latest emotion theories on how intuition comes from the gut, was featured in Psychology Today (Flora, 2007) at the same time that my article on gut instinctual somatic responses and healthy life choices was published in Somatics Spring 07 issue (…Read more
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    “What’s Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct” is a narrative of the maturation of the sciences (psychology and neurology) and the authors’ combined experience, all of which started to take form in the 1960’s with the unrest of youth over the Viet Nam war—the era of “give peace a chance”. In the 1970’s, the authors, Martha Char Love and Robert W. Sterling, were involved in an occupational and academic counseling-teaching assign…Read more