• Philosophical Counseling and the Network Theory of Well-Being, Revamped
    International Journal of Philosophical Practice 4 (4): 16-27. 2018.
    The central goal of this article is to make the case that the revamped version of Michael Bishop’s Network Theory of Well-being, described in his 2015 book The Good Life: Unifying the Philosophy and Psychology of Well-Being, provides a worthwhile framework for philosophical counseling endeavors, including Logic-Based Therapy. In 2017, The Network Theory of Well-Being, Revamped emerged as a response to Bishop’s theory of well-being; the revamped version was also my dissertation, which I successfu…Read more
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    Philosophical Antidotes for Annie’s Anger
    International Journal of Philosophical Practice 3 (3): 68-73. 2015.
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    Book Review: Ladies and Gents: Public Toilets and Gender (review)
    Gender and Society 26 (2): 330-332. 2012.
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    The Roots of Multilevel Selection: Concepts of Biological Individuality in the Early Twentieth Century
    with Abraham H. Gibson and Christina L. Kwapich
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 35 (4): 505-532. 2013.
    As multilevel selection theory has gained greater acceptance over the past quarter-century, scientists and scholars have shown an increased interest in the theory's historical antecedents. Despite this interest, however, the early twentieth century remains largely unexplored. It is generally assumed that biologists thought "naively" about evolutionary dynamics during this era, and that their attempts to explain biological phenomena often lacked sophistication. Now that several recent works have …Read more