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    Critical review of methods for risk ranking of food related hazards, based on risks for human health
    with H. J. Van der Fels-Klerx, E. D. Van Asselt, M. Raley, M. Poulsen, H. Korsgaard, L. Bredsdorff, M. Nauta, D. Coles, H. J. P. Marvin, and L. J. Frewer
    This study aimed to critically review methods for ranking risks related to food safety and dietary hazards on the basis of their anticipated human health impacts. A literature review was performed to identify and characterize methods for risk ranking from the fields of food, environmental science and socio-economic sciences. The review used a predefined search protocol, and covered the bibliographic databases Scopus, CAB Abstracts, Web of Sciences, and PubMed over the period 1993-2013. All refer…Read more
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    Classical logic, argument and dialectic
    with S. Modgil
    Artificial Intelligence 262 15-51. 2018.