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    SIX / Foucault, Cuvier, and the Science of Life
    In Vernon W. Cisney & Nicolae Morar (eds.), Biopower: Foucault and Beyond, University of Chicago Press. pp. 121-137. 2020.
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    Ethics of Ancestral Explanation
    Eco-Ethica 4 137-150. 2015.
    Human beings experience themselves through various kinds of collectively experienced time. Medicine that relies upon precarious forms of ancestral or evolutionary explanation generates such collectively experienced forms of time, which are thus essentially politico-medically instituted versions of kin relations. Kin relations structure our ethical relations to each other rather thoroughly, even in Western modernity, especially through legally sanctioned relations. Hence, an ancestral or evolutio…Read more
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    Philosophical and Scientific Intensity in the Thought of Gilles Deleuze
    Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 11 (2): 259-277. 2017.
    The physical sciences include highly developed fields that investigate intensities in the form of intensive quantities like speeds, temperatures, pressures and altitudes. Some contemporary readers of Deleuze interested in the physical sciences at times attribute to Deleuze a common, contemporary scientific concept of intensive magnitude. These readings identify Deleuze's philosophical conception of intensity with an existing scientific conception of intensity. The essay argues that Deleuze does …Read more
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    The Genealogy of Abstractive Practices
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 55 (S1): 86-97. 2017.
    Nietzsche and Foucault have given us the idea of conducting a philosophical genealogy of a practice that varies across history. Foucault's work also implies that we can view some abstraction as a practice. These points jointly imply that we can conduct a genealogy of “abstractive practices.” Indeed, a good deal of Foucault's work can be understood as exactly this sort of investigation. But a genealogy of abstractive practice raises a difficult methodological problem. This is the problem of how t…Read more
  • I958
    with A. Margaret and Simone de Beauvoir
    In Alan D. Schrift (ed.), The History of Continental Philosophy, University of Chicago Press. pp. 287. 2010.
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    The paper examines the relation between Foucault’s account of modern race and racism in the "Society Must Be Defended" lectures and his analysis of the emergence of the modern notion of life and its science in The Order of Things . In "Society Must Be Defended ," Foucault uses the term ‘life’ both with respect to pre-modern and modern political regimes, arguing that in the pre-modern eras there was a particular relation of sovereign power to life and death that differs from the relation to life …Read more
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    Antigone’s Line
    Bulletin de la Société Américaine de Philosophie de Langue Française 15 (1): 18-40. 2005.
    - none -
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    Fore-given Forgiveness
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 42 (S1): 16-24. 2004.
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    Editors' Introduction
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 42 (S1): 1-2. 2004.
  • Philosophical Writings (edited book)
    with Margaret A. Simons and Marybeth Timmermann
    University of Illinois Press. 2004.
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    Sleights of Reason: Norm, Bisexuality, Development
    State University of New York Press. 2011.
    Demonstrates the dramatic interplay of elements that comprise the concepts of norm, bisexuality, and development
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    All too familiar: Luce Irigaray's recent thought on sexuation and generation (review)
    Continental Philosophy Review 36 (4): 367-390. 2003.
    In recent works, Luce Irigaray offers arguments for the establishment of sexed rights that rely upon certain presuppositional accounts of the development of relational sexuate identity and difference. The paper advances a series of objections to these accounts, in addition to examining some of Irigaray's proposals concerning women's indefinition, the category of the neuter, and female genealogy. Supplementing Luce Irigaray's argument that mother-daughter genealogy is under-symbolized in present …Read more
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    The dissertation is composed of two parts. Part II is the first English translation of philosopher Luce Irigaray's 1983 book L'oubli de l'air chez Martin Heidegger, a lyrical meditation on the later work of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Part I is a general introduction to Part II and to the work of Luce Irigaray
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    French feminism
    In Robert C. Solomon & David L. Sherman (eds.), The Blackwell Guide to Continental Philosophy, Blackwell. pp. 309. 2003.
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    Editors’ Introduction
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 42 (Supplement): 7-7. 2004.
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    Simone de Beauvoir: Philosophical Writings (edited book)
    with Simone de Beauvoir, Margaret A. Simons, and Marybeth Timmermann
    University of Illinois Press. 2004.
    Contents: "Analysis of Claude Bernard's Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine," "Two Unpublished Chapters from She Came to Stay," "Pyrrhus and Cineas," "A Review of The Phenomenology of Perception by Maurice Merleau-Ponty," "Moral Idealism and Political Realism," "Existentialism and Popular Wisdom," "Jean-Paul Sartre," "An Eye for an Eye," "Literature and Metaphysics," "Introduction to an Ethics of Ambiguity," "An Existentialist Looks at Americans," and "What is Existentialism?"
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    Editor's introduction
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 48 (S1): 1-2. 2010.
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    Between Deleuze and Derrida (review)
    Journal of the History of Philosophy 42 (4): 507-508. 2004.
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    Foucault’s ‘Metabody’
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 7 (2): 187-203. 2010.
    The paper treats several ontological questions about certain nineteenth-century and contemporary medical and scientific conceptualizations of hereditary relation. In particular, it considers the account of mid-nineteenth century psychiatric thought given by Foucault in Psychiatric Power: Lectures at the Collège de France, 1973–1974 and Abnormal: Lectures at the Collège de France, 1974–1975 . There, Foucault argues that a fantastical conceptual prop, the ‘metabody,’ as he terms it, was implicitly…Read more
  • Antigone and the ethics of kinship
    In Elena Tzelepis & Athena Athanasiou (eds.), Rewriting Difference: Luce Irigaray and "the Greeks", State University of New York Press. 2010.
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    The Disappearing Button: Heidegger, Foucault, and Superautomated Spaces
    Philosophy Today 46 (Supplement): 19-27. 2002.
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    Foucault and Social Measure
    Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 17 (1): 1-25. 2007.