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    A Capacity Account of Memory
    American Philosophical Quarterly 56 (4): 371-384. 2019.
    In this paper I argue for a capacity account of memory, according to which memory is a neurocognitive capacity to encode, store, and retrieve information. Phenomenal accounts classify memory as having a certain phenomenal character. However, the mental processes generating that phenomenal character are separate from the processes that generate content. Causal accounts require a causal connection between the subject's current representation and their original representation. However, when memory …Read more
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    Mental Time Travel: Episodic Memory and Our Knowledge of the Personal Past (review)
    Philosophical Review 126 (3): 417-420. 2017.
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    The justification of reconstructive and reproductive memory beliefs
    Philosophical Studies 175 (3): 649-663. 2018.
    Preservationism is a dominant account of the justification of beliefs formed on the basis of memory. According to preservationism, a memory belief is justified only if that belief was justified when it was initially held. However, we now know that much of what we remember is not explicitly stored, but instead reconstructed when we attempt to recall it. Since reconstructive memory beliefs may not have been continuously held by the agent, or never held before at all, a purely preservationist accou…Read more