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    The Landscape of Contemporary Phenomenology
    Avant: Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies 9 (2): 9-15. 2018.
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    Teorie feministyczne: tradycje i perspektywy
    Avant: Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies 11 (3). 2020.
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    The Grey Zone of Subjectivity. Phenomenology of Feminine Body in Emmanuel Lévinas’s Thought
    Avant: Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies 6 (1): 81-104. 2015.
    The concept of a "woman figure" by Emmanuel Lévinas, is an example, in which the notions of "masculinity" and "femininity" serve to determine the character of a certain proposition of a Subject. Lévinas introduced sexual characteristics into the neutral subject, yet he is incon-sistent in his treatment of the idea of a Woman and, moreover, he assigned subjectivity to a single gender: the masculine. Nonetheless, the criticism of Lévinas’s model of femininity from a feminist viewpoint is neither s…Read more
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    This article reflects on the current philosophical tendency to construct non-dualistic subjectivity models in response to the criticism of the traditional authoritarian human subject. Following thinkers such as Emmanuel Lévinas, Michel Foucault or Jacques Derrida, the literature has largely identified traditional metaphysics based on dualistic hierarchies as the major source of violence. Perceiving phenomenology as a method that focuses on the concepts of the lived experience and situatedness, I…Read more
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    Escaping from Exclusion
    Dialogue and Universalism 27 (1): 177-187. 2017.
    Inspired by Karen Barad’s views I search for an answer to the question: how can we include without excluding at the same time? This question brings into view the aporia of the discourse on exclusions, which manifests that struggle against violence invariably causes a violence of another kind. Barad takes the metaphysical point of view, according to which the world is a whole rather than composed of separate objects. From the perspective of category of “entanglement” she proposes to rethink some …Read more
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    Uporczywa niewidzialność Twarzy
    Zagadnienia Naukoznawstwa 55 (4): 95-106. 2022.
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    Jednym z istotnych współcześnie obszarów oddziaływania fenomenologii jest myśl feministyczna. Związki między feminizmem a fenomenologią obecne są przede wszystkim w refleksji na temat cielesności, tożsamości, a także spotkania z Innym. Interpretacja fenomenologii przez pryzmat współczesnych koncepcji feministycznych umożliwia inspirującą recepcję oraz identyfikowanie problemów fenomenologii z odmiennej perspektywy. Natomiast ponieważ fenomenologia jest sposobem myślenia poprzez poszukiwanie i op…Read more
  • Foucault i perypetie podmiotu
    Przeglad Filozoficzny - Nowa Seria 42 (2): 179-200. 2002.