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    This book attempts to gain a new insight into the world of Philosophy.
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    Jābir on Inductive Reasoning and Metaphysics
    Journal of Islamic Philosophy 10 3-18. 2016.
  • Locke's account of the problem of cohesion reflects a serious difficulty in his philosophy. What makes it more problematic is the way in which Locke himself relates it with the problem of substance in his search for something that not only underlies all properties in the traditional Aristotelian sense, but also holds the constituents of matter together. His account of substance was neither a sincere nor ironic way of reporting our ordinary talk about substance. Instead, Locke was looking for som…Read more
  • In this paper I attempt to reconcile science and religion by appealing to thevery foundation of knowledge in each. Through the analysis of protocolsentences in science and core statements in religion I attempt to show that weare not talking about two mutually inconsistent worldviews; indeed they arejust different methods of structuring the same reality in two differentlanguages because they share the same logic. While the language of scienceis legitimate in world of physical reality, the religio…Read more