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    Consciousness and perceptual attention: A methodological argument
    Essays in Philosophy 5 (1): 1-23. 2004.
    Our perception of external features comprises, among others, functional and phenomenological levels. At the functional level, the perceiver’s mind processes external features according to its own causal- functional organization. At the phenomenological level, the perceiver has consciousness of external features. The question of this paper is: How do the functional and the phenomenological levels of perception relate to each other? The answer I propose is that functional states of specifically pe…Read more
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    Frege’s Criteria of Synonymy
    The Harvard Review of Philosophy 13 (1): 25-49. 2005.
    In §1 of this paper I will present the two criteria, which I will call respectively the coextensionality and the recognitional criteria of synonymy. An established tendency in the literature is to ascribe to Frege only the recognitional criterion, discounting the coextensionality criterion as inconsistent with some of his other views. My aim in the paper will be to contribute to the reversal of this tendency. First, I wish to show that the recognitional criterion is flawed in a way that makes it…Read more