•  114
    Democratic authority and the duty to fight unjust wars
    Analysis 73 (4): 668-676. 2013.
    Just war theory is dominated by two positions. According to the traditional view, combatants both on the just and the unjust side have an equal right to fight, which is not affected by the justice of the cause pursued by their state. According to a recent revisionist account, only combatants fighting for a just cause have such right. David Estlund has offered a sophisticated account that aims to reconcile these two views by looking at our duty to obey the order of democratic political institutio…Read more
  •  23
    Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights (edited book)
    with Rowan Cruft, S. Matthew Liao, and Massimo Renzo
    Oxford University Press UK. 2015.
    What makes something a human right? What is the relationship between the moral foundations of human rights and human rights law? What are the difficulties of appealing to human rights? This book offers the first comprehensive survey of current thinking on the philosophical foundations of human rights. Divided into four parts, this book focuses firstly on the moral grounds of human rights, for example in our dignity, agency, interests or needs. Secondly, it looks at the implications that differen…Read more
  • Criminalization: The Political Morality of Criminal Law (edited book)
    Oxford University Press. 2014.
    The fourth volume in the Criminalization series, this volume explores some of the most general principles and theories of criminalization. It includes not only philosophical work, but also historical, legal, and sociological investigations into criminalization, clarifying the state of the discipline today.