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    MacIntyre’s Conservatism and Its Cure: The Formal Structure of Traditions
    Philosophy in the Contemporary World 1 (2): 1-10. 1994.
    Conservative communitarian Alasdair MacIntyre makes a fundamental claim about the formal conditions for rationality, personhood, and intelligible valuation, and a detachable, less fundamental empirical claim that these formal conditions can be met only in a hierarchically organized social tradition. Having suggested a formal account of narrative tradition which relies on the schematic notion of systematic complexity, MacIntyre retreats to an account in terms of canon and authority. He thus obscu…Read more
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    The formal character of eudaimonia
    Southwest Philosophy Review 9 (2): 79-88. 1993.
  • Bernard Williams, Alasdair MacIntyre and others writing in a similar vein about ethics agree with Aristotle that good activity is good because of the relation it bears to a human life well-lived. This view leads them to reflect both on questions concerning the nature of value and on questions concerning the structure of personhood. They purport to reject Aristotle's static view of human nature; and they replace it, in otherwise roughly Aristotelian schemata, with their own notion of a value-crea…Read more
  • Genus/Differentia, Matter/Form, and Levels of complexity
    Diálogos. Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Puerto Rico 30 (66): 31-42. 1995.