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    Bad Taste, Aesthetic Akrasia, and Other "Guilty" Pleasures
    Journal of Aesthetic Education 51 (3): 58-71. 2017.
    To what extent does a person who prefers hip-hop rather than opera have legitimate reasons for doing so? Should we immediately classify such a judgment as incompetent because it runs counter to the verdicts of experts, including professional art critics? These questions are often associated with the problem of aesthetic akrasia, a concept taken from the vocabulary of ethics, which involves acting against one’s better judgment, that is, demonstrating irrationality by failing to react in what is, …Read more
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    Mélissa Thériault,Dominique Sirois-Rouleau | : Bien connu pour ses prises de positions tranchées et polémiques sur le fonctionnement des institutions culturelles et des milieux artistiques, le philosophe français Yves Michaud est aussi un observateur assidu des nouvelles tendances de consommation. L’objectif de cette étude critique est d’ouvrir une discussion critique qui s’impose sur certaines affirmations dont le caractère polémique est aussi manifeste que fertile : la notion de vaporisation d…Read more
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    © British Society of Aesthetics 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the British Society of Aesthetics. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email: journals.permissions@oup.comThese two books contribute, each in a very different way, to the reflection on a timeless subject: eating. While Eat This Book deals with a polemic subject, Taste as Experience focuses on the general experience of the simple act of eating and drinking and how this contributes to philosophical ref…Read more
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    Michel Foucault, Les aveux de la chair, Paris, Gallimard, 2018, 448 pages (review)
    Philosophiques 45 (2): 555-559. 2018.
    Mélissa Thériault