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    Experimenting with excited selves
    Alpha (Osorno) 37 199-212. 2013.
    Este artículo trata de investigar si es posible que se produzca una emoción partiendo solo de su expresión, y no de un estímulo. Para ello se analizarán algunos trabajos de autores como William James, Francisco Alcayde y Vilar o la psicóloga chilena Susana Bloch. Todos ellos han tratado de demostrar que la expresión de una emoción puede conducir al sujeto a experimentarla. Sin embargo, estas tesis cometen el error de abolir el pensamiento del sujeto, otorgándole una especial importancia a la par…Read more
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    Dramatizing The SUBJECT’S Identity
    Philosophia 47 (4): 1227-1245. 2019.
    One of major branches of philosophical research is the self, which, in particular, tries to find out how a subject creates her identity. In this work, I will just focus on two kinds of identity approaches: the narrative self-concept and the dramatic self-concept. I will argue that, although the Narrative identity approach especially helpful for the subject being able to give continuity to her actions, the Dramatic identity is which achieves to give meaning to the subject’s actions as soon as the…Read more
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    Experimentando con sujetos emocionados
    Alpha (Osorno) 37 199-212. 2013.
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    Recent works on narrative self-concept still do not pay enough attention to how a person’s actions influence her narration. Narrative structures may enable the subject to give meaning and continuity over time to her experience. But also, a person’s behavior can make sense of her self-concept. From this perspective, the Narrative Identity Theory might be insufficient for addressing the challenge of making sense of the subject’s actions during the interaction itself. The Dramatic Identity Theory's…Read more
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    The Subject as an Actor
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 44 65-70. 2018.
    The identity and the agency of the subject have been recurrent topics in the history of the theatre and of philosophy. Both disciplines pursue similar objectives that have guided their research along analogous paths. This assay is intended to examine the idea of the agent subject that David Velleman suggests, and which uses as an example the work carried out by Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio. In addition, it studies Narrative Identity through the thesis of Peter Goldie and presents its relat…Read more