Murray, Kentucky, United States of America
  • Computing the inverse of cardinal direction relations between regions
    with Songyang Li, Xiaodong Liu, Xiaotong Wang, Weiguang Liu, and Zhenxi Fang
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 31 (1): 1160-1177. 2022.
    The inversion of directions is an important operation with directions which plays an important role in qualitative spatial reasoning and spatial queries. In this work, we address on the inversion operation of the basic cardinal direction relations in the model of Goyal. The direction relation matrix model proposed by Goyal is a projection-based model for spatial direction relations between regions. This model is simple in calculation and easy to carry out formal reasoning, which is considered as…Read more
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    Cat swarm optimization algorithm based on the information interaction of subgroup and the top-N learning strategy
    with Yu Haipeng and Li Songyang
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 31 (1): 489-500. 2022.
    Because of the lack of interaction between seeking mode cats and tracking mode cats in cat swarm optimization, its convergence speed and convergence accuracy are affected. An information interaction strategy is designed between seeking mode cats and tracking mode cats to improve the convergence speed of the CSO. To increase the diversity of each cat, a top-N learning strategy is proposed during the tracking process of tracking mode cats to improve the convergence accuracy of the CSO. On ten stan…Read more
  •  14
    Neural Dynamics during Resting State: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Exploration with Reduction and Visualization
    with Wei Li, Wen Wen, Yue Huang, Xi Chen, and Wenliang Fan
    Complexity 2018 1-10. 2018.