•  10
    Second Order Desires and the Devaluation of Humanity
    Ethics, Policy and Environment 15 (2). 2012.
    Ethics, Policy & Environment, Volume 15, Issue 2, Page 248-251, June 2012
  •  4
    Suffering and the Messianic (review)
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  •  6
    Adorno, Experience, and the Possibility of Practical Reason
    Idealistic Studies 44 (1): 31-49. 2014.
    In order to understand the normative aspect of Adorno’s thinking, one must understand his conception of experience as it relates to both the bodily aversion to suffering and the history of concepts as deployed by the species. In order to understand experience in this way, I briefly explicate the concepts of Erfahrung and Erlebnis as both Benjamin and Adorno used them. Then, I connect these concepts to the immediacy of suffering. Arguing that the immediacy of suffering is not sufficient to unders…Read more
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    Rethinking the Normative Basis of Environmental Thought
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    Thinking Politics Together: Arendt and Adorno? (review)
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