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    Salomon Maimon, “On the First Grounds of Natural Right”
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 29 (1): 157-172. 2021.
    In an essay, I have established a new formula of the moral principle, different from the Kantian, and more convenient to use. It grounds itself in a new deduction,...
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    Introduction to Salomon Maimon’s “On the First Grounds of Natural Right”
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 29 (1): 146-156. 2020.
    In what follows we introduce and present a translation of Salomon Maimon’s “On the First Grounds of Natural Right”. To begin, we briefly discuss textual issues surrounding the essay. We then...
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    Property and economic planning in Fichte's contractualism
    European Journal of Philosophy 27 (3): 643-660. 2019.
    My paper reconstructs Fichte's property theory and political economy in Foundations of Natural Right and The Closed Commercial State. Fichte's theory of property requires the rejection of the classical liberal theory of property rights. Fichte's alternative theory of property, in conjunction with his republican account of the state's role in guaranteeing individual rights, further requires the rejection of a market economy in favor of a planned economy. For Fichte's view entails the normative ne…Read more
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    Hegel's social and political philosophy: Recent debates
    Philosophy Compass 11 (12): 804-817. 2016.
    This article discusses three topics that have been the subject of debate in recent scholarship on Hegel's social and political philosophy: first, the relevance of Hegel's systematic metaphysics for interpreting Hegel's social and political writings; second, the relation between recognition, social institutions, and rational agency; and third, the connection between the constellation of institutions and norms that Hegel calls “ethical life” and Hegel's theory of freedom. This article provides a c…Read more
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    Kantian Right and the Categorical Imperative: Response to Willaschek
    International Journal of Philosophical Studies 20 (4): 541-556. 2012.
    Abstract In his 2009 article "Right and Coercion," Marcus Willaschek argues that the Categorical Imperative and the Universal Principle of Right are conceptually independent of one another because (1) the concept of right and the authorization to use coercion are analytically connected in Kant's "Doctrine of Right", but (2) the authorization to coerce cannot be derived from the Categorical Imperative. Given that the principle of right just is a principle of authorized coercion, the fact that the…Read more
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    Recognition, Freedom, and the Self in Fichte's Foundations of Natural Right
    European Journal of Philosophy 23 (3): 608-632. 2015.
    In this paper I present an interpretation of J. G. Fichte's transcendental argument for the necessity of mutual recognition in Foundations of Natural Right. Fichte's argument purports to show that, as a condition of the possibility of self-consciousness, we must take ourselves to stand in relations of mutual recognition with other agents like ourselves. After reconstructing the steps of Fichte's argument, I present what I call the ‘modal dilemma’, which highlights a serious ambiguity in Fichte's…Read more