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American Pragmatism
PhilPapers Editorships
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    Review of: John Pittard, Disagreement, Deference, and Religious Commitment (review)
    European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 12 (4): 228-234. 2020.
    Book Review.
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    Peircean Faith: Perception, Trust, and Religious Belief in the Conduct of Life
    Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 54 (4): 457. 2018.
    Classical pragmatists, especially William James, have long been known as defenders of the rationality of religious commitment. Recently, however, scholars have begun to appreciate Charles Sanders Peirce's unique contributions to that defense. For instance, Richard Atkins defends Peirce's Sentimental Conservatism as advising us to trust in our instinctual sentiments rather than our reasonings and theories, elucidating an account of the rationality of religious belief in Peirce's "A Neglected Argu…Read more