•  24
    Exhausting Modernity
    Teaching Philosophy 25 (4): 396-401. 2002.
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    Husserl on God, Existence, and Transcendental Analysis
    New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy 10 (1): 201-215. 2010.
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    Death and the Meaning of Life
    Philosophical Papers 44 (1): 83-102. 2015.
    Thoughts of mortality sometimes bring on a crisis in confidence in the meaning in one's life. One expression of this collapse is the midlife crisis. In a recent article, Kieran Setiya argues that if one can value activities as opposed to accomplishments as the primary goods in one's life then one might avoid the midlife crisis. I argue that Setiya's advice, rather than safeguarding the meaning in one's life, substitutes for it something else, a kind of happiness. I use Susan Wolf's concept of me…Read more
  • Exhausting Modernity: Grounds for a New Economy (review)
    Teaching Philosophy 25 (4): 396-401. 2002.