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    The Paradox of Onstage Emotion
    British Journal of Aesthetics 54 (3): 357-369. 2014.
    I develop a paradox regarding the emotional experiences of theatrical actors, which I call the ‘paradox of onstage emotion’. Many actors tell us that they experience genuine emotions while performing fictional plays: they grow angry, sad, joyful, etc., as befits their characters’ circumstances. Yet, they are not their characters and are not actually in those characters’ circumstances. Intuitively, it would seem those actors cannot have emotions befitting their characters’ circumstances rather th…Read more
  • Film and the Emotions (edited book)
    Wiley. 2010.
    _ Film and the Emotions _ explores the complicated relationship between filmed entertainment, such as movies and television shows, and our capacity to feel emotions. This volume of _The Midwest Studies in Philosophy_ covers topics such as the role of imagination in our capacity to respond emotionally to films, how emotions felt in response to films relate to emotions felt about real events, and the moral implications of responding emotionally to fictions, among others. This collection includes n…Read more